The Delusion of Discomfort

The Delusion of Discomfort

Be wary of comfort. I’ll tell you why.

Comfort is not necessarily good just like discomfort is not always bad. This is the opposite of what we often tell ourselves (and others). If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. That’s what we say. And it’s not exactly true. We associate the good with being comfortable and the bad with uneasiness. The tricky thing is, dysfunctional patterns in life can often become comfortable.

Like discomfort, fear also has a bad connotation. While the fact is: fear and growth come hand in hand. We fear something, we do it anyway and we grow. The other way around: we fear something, we runaway and miss an opportunity of growth. Either way, fear is the pathway towards growth. We tread on it or run from it.
Familiarity is a tricky one. It sounds oh so safe. However, familiarity is the enemy of growth. Dysfunctional patterns become too comfortable. The only thing that gets you out of that pattern is disruption, through someone telling you, a situation or a personal insight that confronts you. Confrontation has the intent and the means to change you, to help you grow. Disruption changes your mind, and with that your direction. Don’t be afraid of uncomfortable feelings because they often show us where the trigger is we need to work through. A little discomfort is like stretching for the mind.

Just to be clear, I am not saying you should do something beyond your competence, just beyond your discomfort. So please don’t go auditioning for So you think you can dance if you have two left feet. Only, reevaluate you comfort zone (which is often bigger than we think) because it would be a shame to miss an opportunity of growth. And do you really want the comfort that comes from dysfunction or the kind that comes from real personal growth? Don’t fear a sky that promises rain, look forward to the rainbows you’ll see.

Photography by @happyhippyfoodie