The Bake Off

The Bake Off

For all the people who are facing disappointments and are asking themselves: will this circumstance always be this way?
Maybe this story will help you look at your disappointment from a different perspective.

Imagine if you were going to make a cake. Or as they would say on the great British Bake of ‘a light fluffy sponge’. The first thing you do is go to the grocery store and get all your ingredients: flour, butter, eggs, all the stuff. Then you get home and lay all the ingredients out. But you are tired. Because you know going to the grocery store will make you tired right? So, you want to enjoy our cake, but you can only have one ingredient at a time. So, you go up to the flour and you get a big handful and pop it in your mouth. But it is so dry and awful and you think, ‘that is a completely unnecessary ingredient’. So, you push it to the side. And then you try a little bit of the sugar and you like that. Then you try the vanilla which is also good and then you try some butter which is okay. But then you get to the eggs. And those are just dis-gus-ting. So, you decide, there is now way I’m including that in my recipe.


If you left out the flour and the eggs and the rest of the ingredients you don’t like very much, you are never going to have a cake that is complete. And our life is kind of like that. When we look at the individual circumstances of our life, they may feel very unfair and unnecessary. They may feel like raw eggs, just awful. But if we mix all the ingredients together: the dry times, the sweet times, the awful times and yes, some heat too, then we will rise.

So, will your circumstances always be like this?
Maybe not exactly no, but there will always be disappointment. Our circumstances are never going to be perfect. But the good news is, even though we are going to have to face disappointments we don’t have to be disillusioned by them. We can stand in the midst of our disappointment and consider where the joy might be. In the cake.