I want to talk about the weather. More specifically about weathering the storms in life. So, prepare yourself for an article full of meteorological puns because I’m talking about the foggy times in life, how to get rid of that thundercloud above your head and when you ought to be dancing in the rain.

Standing outside you are bound to face the elements. Same goes for life, if you live and truly expose yourself to the elements of life, pretty sure you are going to get rained on, or hailed or blown away by a tornado. Or maybe you’ll be lucky and you can relax in the sunshine. But in my experience, that’s just unrealistic. Even though the climate in your life might seem nice and Mediterranean now, storms are bound to happen one time or another.

There are different kinds of storms. Some of them are just dangerous. Like, weather forecast tornado dangerous. That is when we unnecessarily subject ourselves to pain. Like standing outside in a storm and complaining about the wind. Completely unnecessary. And it’s a choice, it’s always a choice. We don’t have to deal with stormy situations or people who swipe us of our feet and don’t help us up. That is a thundercloud above your head you could actually move away from.

Other times, storms are a good thing. Storms draw something out of us that calm seas do not. While a storm might shake you up, they also bring new energy and rain. Now, I hear you complaining, “But rain is even worse!” And that’s where I have to disagree. I think rain is not always bad. Nature needs the release of rain to flourish just like we -ever so often- need a little rain in our life to experience personal growth. Sometimes you might not be able to see through the fog just yet, but when all clears, who knows what will dawn on you.

Finally, remember you are never alone in a storm. Challenges and opportunities are around every corner of life. And if you think you have to face any of these alone, you are wrong. If you surround yourself with the right people, they can be your sunshine on a rainy day, the ones you hold on to when a winter’s storm wants to sweep you away and the ones who will dance with you in the rain.