How to have a holly jolly Christmas

How to have a holly jolly Christmas

It is Christmas time! Lots of people get involved in festivities, it is finally socially acceptable to sing Christmas songs and the Christmas spirit infects one and all with warm fuzzy feelings and lots of good cheer. All is calm and all is bright.

Except, it is not.

It is chaos.

The weather is miserable, everyone seems stressed and you do not feel warm and fuzzy at all. Because the reality of it is: you cannot ever create this ‘all is calm, all is bright’ scene. Not even in December.

Now, if your expectations of the Christmas season are colliding with reality, think again.
Christmas is not about forgetting the difficult things in life. Christmas does not mean to be in a place where all is calm and all is bright. It means to be in the midst of it all and still find a source of peace in your heart. That has nothing to do with the absence of problems nor with a warm, fuzzy feeling, but with a shift of focus. For a moment you look towards hope. And that is what Christmas is about. Hope. Within the chaos.