Kharkov Center of Hope

Kharkov Center of Hope

The Salvation Army runs a corps in Kharkov, the second largest city in Ukraine. The area around the city is very poor, there is a huge number of single-parent families and dysfunctional families. The negative influences of the streets still remain one of the biggest problems for the young generation.
The Salvation Army corps tries to help these vulnerable groups of society, arranging different social activities, programs and seminars. However, resources are limiting the extent of the programs.

Center of Hope
In recent years, The Salvation Army carried out the Kharkov Social Center project to help the most vulnerable social groups such as children, elderly people, single parent families and IDPs to counteract social inequality through Christian, educational and counseling programs.
After the completion of this project, The Salvation Army decided to continue their work by starting another project in Kharkov as of January, 2017. This two-year project will provide practical assistance to vulnerable social groups, improve their social life and decrease their vulnerability to bad influences like drugs and abuse. In addition, the aim is to provide spiritual education to people in order to improve their relationships with each other as well as with God.

Threefold program
The Kharkov Center of Hope project consists of three parts. There are programs for elderly people four days a week, after school programs for children between six and twelve years old as well as educational and counseling programs for teenagers two days a week.
Participants are provided with psychological consultation for traumas and domestic violence, anti-human trafficking consultations as to learn how not to become a victim and social counseling in order to start saving for a pension or medical services.
The programs will be carried out by social workers, volunteers and Corps Officers of Kharkov Corps. Additionally, The Red Cross and the children’s club called “Calibri” provide qualified personnel to help out with the programs.

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