Education for Slum Children in India


Slum Kids
Dharavi is a slum outside of Mumbai, India. It’s one of the biggest slums in the world, inhabited by about one million people. Slum families have no access to social services, most of them are illiterate, have difficulty in generating income and have health issues because of lack of hygiene. Children lack birth certificates, cannot attend school and are vulnerable to human trafficking.

Education, nutrition and recreation
In recent years, The Salvation Army carried out a project in the slums of Dharavi. To keep on improving the lives of 100 children and their families, The Salvation Army continued their work through another project. This one-year project, which started early 2017, aims to provide access to education, nutrition, recreation and a healthy environment to make slum children aware about their social and health risks.
Literary classes and preschool and after school programs will be provided for children for five days a week. There are also literary classes for parent three days a week. Participants will get a basic education in English, Hindi and Urdu languages. Furthermore, mothers can join a tailoring class two night a week to gain a skill to be able to earn a livelihood with. The programs are located on the Salvation Army compound so the children have a safe place to go to after school which reduces their chances of getting involved in human trafficking. To make the project sustainable, a PR-worker will be hired to raise funds for the operating costs of the programs.

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